Why Use BSA Employee Benefits?

Our Data-Driven Analyses Can Make An Immediate Impact

There are a number of ways businesses benefit from an employee health insurance analysis from BSA Employee Benefits. Here are a few:
Health insurance plans and costs are constantly changing, and it can be difficult for HR departments to stay abreast of insurance dynamics while also managing payroll, hiring, and other critical functions. We have to be on top of the latest in employee health insurance, and we can communicate that information to your staff. We can also do legwork on evaluating your insurance plan options, so your staff can make the most informed decisions on what’s best for you.
The ability to conduct in-depth data analysis assisted by custom software allows us to find inefficiencies that would not have been apparent even a few years ago. Our analysis tools look at your plan in great detail, often finding ways to make your plan better.

By analyzing each component of your plan—pharmacy, co-pays, referrals, and other critical elements—we are able to see where you’re spending the most, and where you should concentrate your benefits.

Typically 80% of claims come from 20% of employees who may have out-of-the-ordinary health issues. By understanding their needs, you can often find ways to work with employees to manage these conditions more effectively.

Wellness programs and other elements can reduce immediate and long-term costs. We routinely give you ideas that can lower your costs and improve employee benefits.

Because we work with numerous carriers, we understand the advantages one carrier may have over another, especially in localized markets. And we can work with your HR staff to match the right carrier to you.

Our experience with self-funded insurance programs, along with our data processing tools, can help make your program more efficient.

These can include such items as leaves of absence, student loan reimbursement, or other instances that may affect your insurance programs or related employee benefits.

We can advise you on changes in compliance laws and make sure your staff understands any requirements needed for reporting.