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BSA Employee Benefits was created to help small- and medium-sized companies find effective, affordable health plans for employees. We help companies in Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, the Dakotas and other North Central states find health insurance plans that fit budgets and provide effective care. Plans include those offered by insurance companies and self-funded plans.

We also help companies create wellness programs that can reduce their health care costs, make employees healthier, and improve productivity.

Our staff has years of experience in researching plans, working with insurers, and managing costs. Our proven scientific approach works for companies in a wide spectrum of manufacturing and service industries. We’re ready to put our expertise to work for your organization.


New Health Insurance Plans

We help businesses research available employee health insurance plans among insurance providers, and
present options for your consideration.
We break down plans into key components (pharmacy, co-pays, etc.)

Current Plan Analysis

If your company has an established health insurance plan, we can work with you to review it and spot areas where it can be enhanced to reduce cost or provide your people with better benefits.

Cost Saving Measures

Often, there are ways to reduce your health insurance costs. For example, research may indicate that a wellness program with employees may prevent conditions that are causing most of your claims.


Our team can help you make sure your employee insurance plan is in compliance with state and Federal laws. We can also train your HR staff on how to maintain compliance and complete any necessary enrollment

Additional Employee Benefits

We also assist with other employee benefits that may be related to insurance, such as Medicare and individual health plans, life insurance, EAP, HRA, student loan reimbursement, leaves of absence, and other topics.

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