New Health Insurance Plans

New Health Insurance Plans

We help companies research and identify health plans that provide maximum employee benefits at the lowest cost. We do this by taking the time to learn about you and your organization, so we understand what your plan needs to accomplish. Then we look carefully at every component of your plan, analyzing each in detail. This is often where it’s possible find savings.

We also help you look at a variety of insurance carriers to see which might be the best fit for you. Because we work with numerous carriers, we understand the advantages one carrier may have over another, especially in localized markets.

We evaluate not just the insurance plans available, but also how effectively your HR staff can manage them. In addition, we help you evaluate how a healthier work force can improve your bottom line, not just in reduced insurance claims, but also improved productivity.

We look at:

We present you with options, the reasons behind our recommendations, and our forecast on how they will help your company. You make the final decision.

Shopping for a new plan? Let us put our decades of experience to work for you. Reach out to us, and we’ll get started.