“We can’t thank Deven and BSA Employee Benefits enough. They have taken the stress out of healthcare for us. It’s invaluable to have someone looking out for you and your family’s best interests
the way Deven does.”

Stetson & Sierra

“I had the best experience with Deven. She put together affordable group health insurance options
personalized to our company, effectively explained the differences, and made paperwork a breeze! She
is extremely knowledgeable and thorough – I cannot say enough good things about the quality and values of this company! On top of great service, they offer a vast support system to help employers in other areas of business, like a Human Resources hotline, for example. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking!”

Maverick Oil Field Service

“Providing my employees with good, real benefits (health, dental, vision, life) especially in today’s market, is crucial. Good benefits are needed not only for retention but also for the heath and happiness of the team. I was very hesitant to get burned again as I had in the past with other brokers offering over promised plans and poor service. Trying to get group coverage through healthcare. gov also turned into an employer nightmare. “BSAEB delivered. They took time to meet us, understand our needs and gave excellent advice on all plan options. I was also given honest feedback on providers and true costs. If at any time I have a question about our plan benefits or hiccups in coverage, Deven is always there for us to answer any questions get us through to the right channels fast. She is the human wikipedia of insurance! “I have never experienced an insurance brokerage like this before. BSAEB actually provides all the support you need and want for your both your business and personal needs. The customer service is top notch, they keep you informed of plan changes, new health information to pass on to employees, and help with online portals. It’s important employees take charge of their benefits and BSAEB provides the tools so they can do so. Thank you so much BSAEB!”

Corrie Colbert, Hurraw Balm!